the replaced the frustration of a drawing with no jackpot winner with the
excitement of scores of mini-jackpots.
Here’s however a typical roll-down worked. The drawing control at 11:20 p.m. on Feb. 4, 2010
had a jackpot of $1,631,236. nobody matched all six numbers that the jackpot pool was
carried over for subsequent drawing. By 6:06 subsequent morning the Lottery had calculable
the money WinFall jackpot for the Feb. eight drawing at $2 million, which means bettors might
expect a roll-down provided nobody matched all six numbers and claimed the complete

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As was typical for drawings with anticipated roll-downs, wagering was significant – a lot of
than $2.5 million in sales over four days. By the time indulgent stopped at 10:45 p.m. on
Feb. 8, the jackpot simply flat-top $2 million. And like ninety eight.6 % of the drawings, no
one hit the jackpot. As a result, that money rolled right down to subsequent 3 lower prize
levels employing a formula developed by the Lottery once it created the sport in 2004.
Of the $2.4 million within the Feb. 8 jackpot, twenty six % – regarding $633,383 – visited boost
the payout for those matching 5 out of six numbers. rather than receiving the quality
$4,000 prize, holders of the {35|thirty 5} tickets matching five out of six numbers received
$22,096 – the $4,000 commonplace payout and a 1/35th share of the $633,383 in roll-down
money dedicated to the current tier. for more info:

Similarly, forty seven % of the $2.4 million – regarding $1,158,000 – was accustomed enhance the
prize for those matching four out of six numbers. Holders of the one,761 tickets matching
four of six numbers received $807.52, rather than the quality payout of $150. For those
matching 3 out of six numbers, regarding twenty seven % of the jackpot – $652,000 – rolled
down to increase the payout.


Lottery records show there have been twenty nine,832 tickets matching
three of six numbers. all was price $26.85 rather than the quality $5 prize.
Lottery records conjointly indicate that simply over 209,000 tickets matched 2 of the six
numbers drawn, entitling the holder to a free $2 bet.
Because of the improved prizes, a money WinFall wager throughout a roll-down drawing
became, during a applied math sense, a good bet. Here’s why: the foundations of money WinFall
guaranteed that each time the jackpot reached $2 million the jackpot would be paid out
to that drawing’s bettors. as an example, on Feb. 8, nobody won the jackpot however
$2,970,119 was paid go into lower tier prizes. purposely the large payouts build a rolldown
drawing the most effective time to play money WinFall.

In each roll-down drawing within the game’s history, for each $1 wagered, there was $1.15
(or typically more) sitting within the money WinFall prize pool to be shared among that
drawing’s price ticket holders. in this sense, each price ticket was price over it value. A
person might build $1.15 for each $1 he bet – a fifteen % profit – just by obtaining
what the applied math possibilities say ought to be the common share. the foremost sensible
way to try this is to shop for an outsized variety of tickets. The chart below illustrates however the
change in prize amounts affects the applied math price of a price ticket. For the sake of illustration, the chart includes columns showing projected outcomes for somebody World Health Organization
bought 200,000 tickets.